“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” We seek to proclaim and demonstrate the unconditional love (Rom 5:8, Matt 5:44), unparalleled goodness and measureless grace of God the Father in the gospel of Jesus. All other religions say "DO DO DO!" God, through Jesus, says "DONE DONE DONE!" (Phil 3:3). So we embrace child-like trust and rest in the Father's love and provision. We rejoice (Phil 4:4) in the fact that there is one Lord and one Almighty reigning on the throne, and that His church are on the winning side - “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!"



Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. What we think we know about God that we can’t see in the person of Jesus we have reason to question. Jesus is the only way back to God and, in His own words, the perfect representation of the Father (John 10:30, Col 1:15-16). We are called and empowered to walk like Jesus (John 20:21), talk like Jesus, believe like Jesus and do even greater works than Jesus (Matt 28: 18-20, John 14:12).



The Holy Spirit is God in us and with us on the earth today. He is the down-payment of our inheritance (Eph 1:14) and the evidence of our adoption into God's family (Rom 8:16). The Holy Spirit lives in us and upon us to sanctify us (1 Cor 6:11,1 Peter 1:2, Gal 5:16-17) and empower us (Acts 1:8) to live and walk like Jesus – to love the loveless, proclaim the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and make natural impossibilities bow to the name Jesus (Matt 10:7-8). Signs, wonders and miracles follow us as we follow Jesus.



It is finished. The cross and resurrection is our central boast and only place of forgiveness of sin, redemption from the fallen world, victory over darkness, reconciliation with God, justification, adoption into the family of God and resurrection to life eternal. By His stripes we were healed. "But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ." (Ephesians 2:13) We are saved by grace, through faith alone in this finished work of Calvary. “You must be born again to enter the kingdom of God.” (John 3:7) Crucified with Christ, now seated in heavenly places, Christ now lives in and through us as we take up our cross daily.



Those who look to Him are radiant. "One thing" is needed (Luke 10:38-42). First-love entrenched, alabaster-jar-smashing, time-wasting worship comes first place for us. We are all about seeking first (Matt 6:33) the manifest, glorious presence of our King. We want to enjoy Him forever and that starts now. In His presence is fullness of joy and that joy is our strength. Shunning religious striving and burn out, we heartily embrace this yielded relationship of abiding in His presence and moving out from gracious overflow, ensuring the fruits of His Spirit in our lives are abundant and juicy!



Before our doing, we embrace our "blood-washed", blameless, well-pleasing, royal, being (Col 1:22). We are beloved sons and daughters, heirs, kings, priests, saints, ambassadors. Every man and woman is a minister, a witness, each with a unique call and gifting – we all get to play. We endeavour to make our leadership look like our King – parental, empowering, releasing, servant-hearted. “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” (Eph 4:11-12). From our identity comes our authority. When we know who we are and whose we are, we can rightly walk in the authority we have been given - authority over ALL the power of the enemy! (Luke 10:19)



"God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him." (1 John 4:16) The kingdom of God is first and foremost a loving family with a perfect Father who’s heart is “to be with” His children and enjoy authentic relationship (Immanuel - "God with us"). As such, we seek to mirror His nature and cultivate safe places for belonging, intimacy (into-me-you-see), vulnerability, being known, enabling His people to come just as they are and be loved just as they are. Our love for God should be evident in our love for people! The apostle Paul writes that beyond all supernatural gifting, love is the "superior way" and "beyond comparison", that amidst faith and hope, love is "the greatest". (1 Cor 12:31, 1 Cor 13: 13). 



The Church is the Father's family (Eph 3:15). The apostle Paul wrote that the Corinthian church had many teachers but not many Fathers (1 Cor 4:15). In (apostolic) family the priority of relationships is kept above doctrinal agreement, prompting highly relational core connections. Apostles create covenantal, family relationships, because believers are attached to and through Fathers and family, not doctrine.

Apostolic family thrives in a culture of honour, rooted in humility, love and trust in a good Father (rather than fear and control), and calls every person to be powerful, promoting freedom to take risks, freedom to fail, freedom to disagree, freedom for people to think creatively, freedom to dream, freedom to envision with God and freedom to experience new depths of the Holy Spirit. 

We honour and love the local church in the UK and our heart is to see her come into the fullness of her divine calling (Gal 4:19). As such we endeavor "to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." (Eph 4:3, Phil 2:1-4) Abundant life, grace and freedom flows through honour and upon unity the Lord commands the blessing! (Matt 10:40-41, Psalm 133:1-3). 



We serve a holy God of infinite grace. Grace does not overlook sin, it empowers righteous living. Saint Peter writes - 'As God’s obedient children, never again shape your lives by the desires that you followed when you didn’t know better. Instead, shape your lives to become like the Holy One who called you. For Scripture says: “You are to be holy, because I am holy.... Live each day with holy awe and reverence throughout your time on earth”' (1 Peter 1:14-17) True holiness has nothing to do with exhausting, graceless, judgmental, guilt-ridden legalism. True holiness is a gracious gift of the Holy Spirit and it's our deepest joy, peace and freedom, our truest identity and the greatest blessing that we can bring to a dark world. Holiness will cause us to love righteousness, celebrate purity, walk humbly in the grace of God, love God and our neighbour well and hate evil (Amos 5:15). As a holy people we are set apart, dead to the world (Gal 6:14), confessing, not compromising (Matt 10:32-33), filled and empowered with the Holy Spirit continually (Eph 5:18). 



"Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end" (Isa 9:7). Our focus is the Lord and His increasing government and peace. As such, we live and move from rest, joy, the victory of Calvary and the triumph of light over darkness. We do not react to darkness, we’re neither impressed nor overly distracted by what the devil is up to, we choose to live in response to our Father in heaven and talk of His great testimonies (John 5:19-20). So a culture of giving testimony to what God is doing in our midst is huge for us. We have the unique role of prophesying not as things are, but as they should be (Rom 4:17). 

As pilgrims and sojourners (Heb 11:13), we don’t live for a comfortable life now but our home and riches are in heaven, "an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away" (1 Peter 1:4). Heaven and hell, Jesus’ soon return, eternal judgement and reward are central to our mandate (Heb 6:13).



"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." (2 Tim 3:16) The supremacy of scripture is core for us  (Rom 3:4). Not only do we honour the whole bible but we strive to proclaim the whole counsel of God, expose works of darkness, and correct and rebuke error in love, “that (their) spirit may be saved” (1 Cor 5:5). We are not ashamed of the gospel, faith comes by hearing, and Jesus has commissioned us to preach His wonderful gospel from the rooftops (Matt 10:7,27), so we endeavour to make meeting together outside the church building as important as inside. 



We are all about GOING into the world, stepping out in courageous faith, shining bright where it’s the most dark, in the knowledge that God goes with us and promises to confirm His word beyond our wildest dreams (Mark 16:15-20, Eph 3:20). We encourage mission impossible across the "seven mountains" of influence. “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” (Rom 10:15) 

Though we certainly don't look for it, we know that persecution is the joyful evidence of our godliness (2 Timothy 3:12, Matthew 5:12), and suffering our sharing in Christ-likeness (Romans 8:17). 

We are God's children and children trust their good Father. Indeed without faith it is impossible to please God! So like Abraham, we endeavour to be obedient and pitch "our tents" in the land of hope and promise, even if we don't know where we are going. God is "a rewarder" therefore our faith pulls on the supernatural grace and power of God (Heb 11:6-8). As we believe His promises, we receive His miraculous provision. It's our deepest joy to proclaim Jesus Christ, Him crucified and introduce people to the Risen One. In our going we gather regularly to celebrate what God is doing, to be built up, filled up and equipped to go out again and again to win every village, town, city and nation for Jesus until every last “sheep” is in. Amen