18th January - 1st February 2020

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This is a two-week opportunity from Saturday 18th January - Saturday 1st February 2020 for hungry Christians to step out in front line ministry, witness God’s miracle working power as well as enjoy the beautiful people, delicious tastes and exuberant colours of India!

On most evenings there will be an organized evangelistic crusade tied in with the local church, whom we have a long-standing relationship with. These will vary in size from between 100 – 500 people and will involve giving testimony, the preaching of the gospel and healing and deliverance ministry. There will also be a Pastors conference and an opportunity to paint prophetic murals at a local Indian school.

Each team member will be trained (by experienced leaders) throughout the trip and actively released in healing and deliverance ministry. There will also be opportunities for everyone to preach or give testimony according to their faith and desire. The purpose of this trip is to activate giftings as well as minister to the Indian people!

Having flown into Chennai, we shall spend the two-week period in Tamil Nadu. The first stop is Chidambaram. We shall spend eleven nights in this beautiful district with the focus of our outreach on the developing, rural villages, school, orphanage and churches. Finally, we shall end the trip with some proper Indian Rest & Relaxation by spending three nights at a beach resort in Mahabalipuram.

For more information, including an application form please e-mail nowme@nowbelieve.com

COST: £1200.00 (+ flights)

The price includes a contribution to the outreach infrastructure and all other costs. We encourage raising money by the leading of Holy Spirit.


This is what people have said from past trips

"I really enjoyed all of it. My heart was to love India, be a part of salvations, preaching the gospel, encouraging the Indian church and seeing miracles. I succeeded, praise God! The freedom brought to people who had evil spirits was very transformational for me." Suzie Trickey 2017

"Going to India with Now Believe has made me become more free in speaking out my faith, in healing people and casting out demons. The trip has given me courage and boldness - I am more confident and secure in my gifting. Thank you for including me. I have loved it." Rachel Giddens 2017

"My goal was to share my testimony, deliver someone who’s visibly manifesting, be captured by His love for the Indian Bride. I also wanted to see healings, see salvations, share the good news, do team well, hear the hearts and dreams of the leaders. I succeeded! Dom and the team were particularly encouraging with words and also the company they cultivated made it feel safe enough to step out. I did my first successful deliverance! Am ready for more, if they come up! I have learned so much from the people and culture. From the Indian Team, their persistence, and whole hearted belief and sold out-ness to Christ. The cost is real, and the suffering for Christ is real. The poor do inherit the Kingdom of God. Their hospitality and servanthood and graciousness. They put their guest firsts. Food is a big part of how they show love They eat curry in all their meals! They are very aware and open to the spiritual realm. it is becoming harder to share the gospel in India. I have learned much about Christian ministry. The simplicity of the Gospel. It is a good thing to be a team, to love and encourage one another, look out for one another. Honour your leader, run with their vision, and be quick to say sorry. Their covering has a tangible reality to it. Everything good comes from His presence, time spent in his presence. It is really important to rest, and there’s a reason for hotel staying during short missions. So enriching to worship, pray and hear teaching every morning.We need Joy, and good teaching from someone who loves, depends, feeds on the word. Deliverance: it doesn’t have to be done with a lot of shouting. Be passionate, but just tell it to get out and wait for it. Learn the most on the job, and then scripture makes a lot of more sense. It’s a lot of FUN – when you’re around with team.No one person on team is perfect – extend grace and mercy. The simplicity of it – get out there with like-minded believers.
In other ways this experiencehas changed me. The urgency of sharing this good news. People are desperately lost. Jesus is coming back soon, be ready like the 5 wise bridesmaids. His word is alive. And comes alive on the field; when in action. So much of what I get myself doing has no worth, so I’m changing that. It has made me softer, and more loving. Take captive of what I read, watch, think and say. The trip did like a massive acceleration or impartation of things I knew in my head that came alive and continues to grow. I’m starting to understand ‘fire’ and the simplicity of the gospel. What improvements might you suggest we could make for the future? Make it LONGER. Just because I loved it and felt so alive in my faith and being. Thank you." Leanne Logan 2017

"I have just returned from India via the UK. I wanted to share that it is particularly since I have touched down at this end of the world that I realise more and more what a soul-body-building trip I was blessed to be on with you and the team. My soul has the courage of the heavenly vanguard, my soul is overflowing with His goodness. Thank you for giving your very best to make this trip what it was! I was deeply touched by the humility and prayerful pragmatism of the indian team. The quiet way of preaching and casting out of demons, the deep authority that emanated from that powerful yet gentle voice was beautiful testimony to the power we have in God's authority." Kristina Buch 2017

"I wanted to intentionally push myself out of a comfort zone and destroy any boxes or small views I may have had regarding preaching the gospel, healing the sick, binding up the broken hearted, casting out demons. I wanted to experience a different approach to evangelism in different culture and country. I wanted to learn from expert evangelists on the job. I succeeded. I felt the Lord achieved more in me than I set out to achieve. I learned to celebrate in the simple gospel, the power unto salvation. The basic and simple faith for healing and freedom of the local church amazed and encouraged me. I was reminded again by the Indian people how important honour and celebration/rejoicing are. I learned you don’t need language in common to communicate well. I learned to trust God and take risks. I learned new ways of deliverance and healing. I learned a simplicity of faith in the power and compassion of God. I learned the importance of joy and peace on the battlefield. I learned a lot from Dom and Thea’s leadership with regards to the way I hope to lead in the future. I learned how powerful and important encouraging, transparent, vulnerable and honest leadership is. I learned again, that the only thing you need in common to create powerful unity and relationship in a team, is Jesus. I felt challenged to love better, deeper, more like Jesus. I felt so encouraged to allow God to use me as I am and where I am." Emma Foster '16

"I wanted to be set of fire for God and live nothing less than a Book of Acts lifestyle. He did it!" Carly Payne '14

“This trip totally blew my theology out of the water. It has renewed my thirst for the living God and it has re-ignited my missionary zeal and longing to see people saved.” Pete Portal, South Africa Townships, commenting on India ‘08

“I find myself com pletely incapable of capturing just how much God taught me and changed me in India. This is a completely inadequate rendering of the intensity and extravagance of what I feel God started stirring up and changing me in the past two weeks… but if I learned anything from India it is that this is just the beginning. I never want to look back, I just want to run. It has given me the boldness to talk to everyone about the truth of Jesus Christ; now I see the point and the urgency, and because I now know the truth in a more real way than before, I’ve stopped caring what people think of me. Other changes? Well, I frequently have this irresistible urge to shout “Come on!” in church and in worship, and I’ve found myself challenging Christians about whether they’re actually pressing in or standing still facing the right direction. And I can’t get enough God-input.” Zoe Briance, Holy Trinity Brompton, commenting on India ‘09

“I saw the love and power of Jesus – many miracles, many deliverances. To see the Lord really move you have to go on the front line.” Richard Fisher, ‘Christ For All’, London, commenting on India '09

‘I have a better understanding about healing and intimacy with God and the desperate need for people to hear the gospel. I loved speaking at the women’s conference and the crusades and I also loved the team prayer time – it’s given me a desire and desperation for intimacy. I’m just more hungry!' Jolene Filmer, commenting on India September '11

‘I set out to increase in knowledge of healing and deliverance – I succeeded. The trip has also reinforced my desire to live among the local people.’ Kim Wilson, commenting on India September '11

‘I saw God move in power – mainly in healing miracles and deliverances. I now have an understanding of what it means to flow in the healing anointing, having experienced it. I learnt much from the Indian people. The way they do deliverance ministry was very eye-opening – just how they understand what authority they have with those demons. Their devotion to God is so pure – Makes me realize just how much I am still holding on to. I also love the unity among them - and between their and our team. The more I see around me, the more I feel that I have such a long way to go and so much to learn. It seems that when I am in the worst state, and think that I have nothing to give, is when, relying on God, I am the most anointed. I wish I could go on a mission trip more often – learnt something valuable from each member of the team. Mostly, I am hungrier for the Kingdom to come than ever before; I don’t actually fully understand the changes yet, I am still processing some of the stuff, but I know I am not the same person I was when I left. Thank you so much for organizing it. I really want to go back. Miss everything about it. Even the curry.’ Krisztina Ambrus, commenting on India Feb ‘11

‘I wanted to step out in faith and learn to follow the prompting of the Lord. I succeeded. I saw in the Indian church such an atmosphere of faith shown through their eyes, posture in worship, passion in intercession and expectancy in ministry. They are warm, friendly and open. I have learned from India that we must get stuck in. There's an urgency that we must embrace along with an obedience to follow. It has challenged my level of faith and prompted a greater level of inquiring of the Lord. Confirmed once again the Lord is King, Almighty and Sovereign.’ Dan Usher, commenting on India Feb ‘11

"This has been an amazing trip – even better than the first one! It has completed a work in me that started last time. It taught me that God gives you strength in all situations and that if you say 'yes' and step out He will go before us. It has given me the confidence to know how to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to know that if I step out in His name He will not fail to turn up in power and that signs and wonders will follow." Heather Wright, commenting on India ‘10

“Life changing - I have had my eyes opened more fully to the spiritual realm as well as my gifting and destiny.” Liz Winson, Holy Trinity Cheltenham, commenting on India ‘09

“Changed for eternity… strengthened my faith to see people healed and delivered” Alice Stanley, Holy Trinity Brompton, commenting on India ‘09

“I had a real love for the people who I didn’t feel any heart for before. I saw how visible the Indians’ idolatry is and how hungry they are for the living God and to be set free from their fears. I learnt to have more boldness and it has re-kindled the fire in my heart and set a new fire in my belly to seek and save the lost.” Heather Wright, Isle of White, commenting on India ‘09

“I have learnt the importance of always living on the front line of ministry.” Charlie Goring, Holy Trinity Brompton, commenting on India ‘09

“In going to India I set out to expand my faith levels and to see miracles and deliverance - I succeeded.” Ashley Archer, Southampton, commenting on India ‘09

“This trip has taught me how we should expect God to heal and deliver and raise the dead! – we have the authority and victory in Jesus against sickness and the demonic.” Rebecca Sutcliffe, Holy Trinity Brompton, commenting on India ‘08

“Through this trip I learned that Indian people are so kind, generous and servant-hearted. The culture is quite chaotic and full on but is also fascinating and challenging. My goal for the trip was to see blind eyes open and I did! It has increased my faith for healing and miracles and enlarged my vision for what is possible through God.” Pete Hills, Kings Gate Fellowship, commenting on India ‘08

“I learned of the servant heartedness, sacrificial love and openness of the Indian people. This trip has given me the realization of just how much God can use me!” Venetia Whigham, Holy Trinity Brompton, commenting on India ‘08

“The demon possessed lady at Paulose’ church was almost a gift from God as a training session for us – I learnt so much about demonic deliverance through that experience. The trip was just what I needed…having a blast of seeing God move in power has given me a foundation of faith to believe and trust for the impossible!” Jemimah Wright, Holy Trinity Brompton, commenting on India ‘08