FIREBRAND - Devotions from a Life of Burning


Firebrand takes you on a journey through Dominic Muir's own personal life story of encountering the love and power of Jesus Christ and then into a series of 121 devotions designed to light a fire in your heart for God's presence and Great Commission.

Discover how God took Dominic, a proud agnostic in his mid twenties, successful but unfulfilled and increasingly convicted of his own sin into the loving fire of His holy presence. Read about Dominic’s prodigal homecoming and grace-filled transformation, from the inside out.

The daily devotions which follow are meaty, provocative, drenched in scriptural truth and above all timely for the day in which we live. Dominic's writing will compel those with little or no faith and set ablaze others who desire to go deeper in the things of God. Fire Brand is an invitation to allow yourself to be transformed into a more passionate, radical follower of Jesus, by His grace.

“Firebrand is accurately titled, as this book is a journey into the fiery belly of the gospel. With passion and single-eyed focus, Dominic Muir takes us on a daily encounter with the power and the privilege of living for Christ. Each day’s reading will inspire you to live out the reality of being sons and daughters of the Living God.” 
- Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA 
Author of The Way of Life and God is Good

"It is time for preachers, ministers and ordinary church goers to be on fire for Jesus. This book will light a fire in your heart to know Jesus deeper and empower you to spread the Gospel fearlessly. Firebrand is a book that is truly needed in this generation."
Daniel Chand, Walking Like Jesus