Flip the Switch


“You should never ask God to do what He has said He’s already done, and you should never ask God to do what He has told you to do.”

T.L. Osborn

You have the same power on the inside of you that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. All things are possible with God. It’s not the Lord who is out there turning the power switch on and off. He’s placed His generator—His power—on the inside of you. If you aren’t seeing the power of God, it’s not because God hasn’t given you His power. It’s because you haven’t flipped the switch. You haven’t turned on and released His power. God has already done it. By grace it’s already been provided.

Now are you going to reach out in faith and partake of what God has provided, or will you keep asking God as if He hasn’t done anything? Are you going to continue in unbelief saying, “Oh God, would You please move in my life?” when the Bible reveals that He’s already moved? Are you going to ask God to rend the heavens, not believing that He has already rent the heavens and come down through Jesus? Are you going to ask Him to heal you when He says that by His stripes you were healed? Are you going to ask Him to give you joy and peace and pour out His love in your life when the Word says that you already have the fruit of the Spirit—love, joy, and peace? It’s already on the inside of you—and that’s good news!

When I minister these truths, people usually wonder, Well then, what do we pray? I’m glad you asked! The vast majority of the body of Christ prays nothing but unbelief, which is the reason their prayers are not yielding results. I know this issue is a sacred cow. I’m aware this teaching is offensive to some people, but the vast majority of Christians aren’t pleased with the results they’re getting from their prayers. Yet, they become offended if someone suggests to them that they aren’t praying correctly. They want to keep doing the same thing, but expect different results. That’s insane. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you ought to consider that maybe you’re doing something wrong. Your prayers would be much more effective if you just began thanking God for what He’s already done instead of asking Him to do something that He hasn’t. It takes faith to thank God.

‘Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.’ 1 Peter 2:24

If you’re believing for healing, but you haven’t seen or felt the manifestation yet, start thanking and praising God. Colossians 2:7 reveals that faith abounds with thanksgiving. If you would start thanking God, your faith would rise up and all of a sudden things would start happening. It’s much easier to say, “Oh Father, thank You, thank You, thank You that You’ve already done it.” If you spend enough time meditating and thanking God for what He’s done, you’ll start believing that He’s done it. And the moment you believe it, grace and faith together will release the supernatural power of God and you’ll experience in your body what God has already provided.

“Let it be a settled fact: It is God's will to heal you. You have a right to healing as well as forgiveness when you believe. God said: I am the Lord who heals you (Ex. 15:26). If God said this, and God cannot lie, He meant it. What God says is true. So, healing is yours. Healing is part of the gospel and is to be preached throughout all the world and to every creature, to the end of the world (Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:20). Being part of the gospel, the divine blessing of physical healing is for all.”
T.L. Osborn

Testimony - Sister Goiter

At a certain charismatic ministers’ conference, a woman who had a big goiter on her neck came forward and received prayer. After prayer, she knew that she knew that she knew that God had healed her. So she stood up in front of this large group of people and began to praise God that He had healed her, even though she still had this big goiter on her neck. The people praised God with her and thanked her for her testimony, believing that the healing power of God was there, working, and would manifest itself. The people at this conference gave this woman mercy and grace even though they couldn’t yet see any visible results.


The next year she returned to that same conference, stood up, and testified, saying, “Tonight is the one-year anniversary of when Jesus healed my goiter.” Yet, she still had this big goiter on her neck. This time, the people didn’t rejoice. They didn’t praise God because they thought something was wrong, but they let it pass.

The following year this woman came back and said, “This is the two-year anniversary of when God healed this goiter.” People became upset and went to the conference leadership saying, “You must tell that woman to quit testifying because it’s obvious that she’s not healed. She’s making a fool of herself and mocking the things of God. You need to tell her to quit!” So the leadership went and told this woman, “You can’t testify anymore until that goiter is gone.”

This woman went to the Lord that night and prayed, “God, I know that You healed me. I believe that You healed me that night I received prayer. I know it’s been done. But these preachers can’t believe unless they see it. Will You please take this thing away so that they can believe what You’ve already done?” The next morning when she woke up, the goiter was gone, and she testified, “I told you I was healed!”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we should just go around testifying about things that aren’t manifest. However, I am saying that we need to get to that place where we believe what the Word says God has already done so strongly that whether we’ve experienced it yet in our body is immaterial. We know it’s true. (Ibid. Andrew Wommack, ‘The Balance between Grace and Faith’)