Live Large


“Put fire in your sermons, or put your sermons in the fire.”

John Wesley

Just because parts of the church are ashamed of some of the fire in His people . . . Know this: God is a zealous, jealous, consuming fire. He’s not ashamed of you. He loves fiery faith. In fact, lukewarm compromise makes Him vomit.

Be free to go big, Saints, to be embarrassing to people, to get your voice back. Get your gospel roar on. We’re not called to creep around like kittens. The Father is cheering you on. He wants our love, devotion and fire to spill out everywhere, crashing through all the “safe spaces” and politically neurotic border controls!

You will offend people, that’s okay, mainly religious people or overly seeker sensitive, people-pleaser church types. Most of the time we’re offended before we’re set free. So, don’t worry. Jesus offended people, John the Baptist got decapitated for speaking out of turn, St Paul wrote most of the New Testament from prison because he caused civil unrest wherever he preached. Simply please God, follow His lead, shake the dust off your feet, forgive your persecutors, keep your heart soft, your forehead flinty and get on with it. Love lives really large.