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"Pursuing the Word without compromise, the Spirit without measure and Mission without limits"



Gathering together as God's family is our joy, passion and springboard. Our community gatherings function on two levels.

On a micro level we are building missional communities (revival hubs) which gather God's children to commit to live, worship, disciple, create and reach out together. Our model is the Book of Acts.

On a macro level we are creating an apostolic network which gathers burning hearts from all over the continent regularly for short periods of time to facilitate worship, prayer, discipleship, apostolic mission and a continued source of encouragement and strength to God's family.


God has called us to make mature disciples within the context of apostolic, five-fold communities. We are dreaming big. We believe God is bringing together a red-hot, sold-out, revival family and missional network which disciples, equips and releases the church of Jesus to bring kingdom reformation throughout our generation.


The most exciting and important thing we can do with our lives is follow Jesus wholeheartedly by obeying the Great Commission. The devil is quite satisfied with the message staying indoors. We believe church has little to do with a brick building but everything to do with a saving, healing, delivering and proclaiming Body of believers who are out in the marketplace and on the move. We gather and disciple in order to go to the highways and byways and to the ends of the earth to preach and demonstrate the kingdom of God. Gather, grow, go, repeat. The fields are ripe for harvest.